Speakers 2017

Dr. med. univ. Kurt Blaas

General Practitioner

LECTURE: Cannabis Medicine in Austria: an up-to-date report.  

Kurt Blaas is a general practitioner who runs a medical practice in Vienna focusing on therapy using cannabinoids. … more

Prof.Dr.Gabriele Fischer

Head of the drug ambulance (AKH-Vienna), scientific drug research and drug therapy.

LECTURE: New psychoactive substances & cannabinoids.

Besides it's stigmatisation as misused substance, cannabis can be used for a multitude of medical purposes. … more

Prof.Dr.R. Schmid

Chemist and toxicologist at Medical Cannabis Research & Analysis

LECTURE: Legalisation of medical cannabis in the US: the lessons to be learned. 

Prof. Schmid will be talking about the legalisation of medical cannabis in the US and the lessons, that can be learned thereof – with fresh insights, as he only returns from USA shortly before the congress. … more


Head of the Swiss Study Group for Cannabinoids in Medicine, SACM

LECTURE: Cannabidiol - facts and myths. 

Importance, Truths and Lies about Cannabidiol. … more

Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at the LKH Klagenfurt.

LECTURE: Cannabis - a medicine. 

Prof. Likar will be reporting about his experiences with cannabis-medication at his Department. … more

Franjo Grotenhermen

Practising doctor, author, cannabis-activist.

LECTURE: Cannabis and Cancer.

Dr. Grotenhermen is a physician with great experience in treating cancer with cannabis. … more

Dr.Guillermo Velasco

University professor, cancer researcher & molecular biologist

LECTURE: Cannabinoids as anticancer agents. United Kingdom icon

A large body of evidence shows that cannabinoids can reduce tumour growth in animal models of cancer and specifically of gliomas… more

Dr. Eva Milz

Psychiatric consultant / private practice

LECTURE: Cannabis in psychiatry.

The range of possible therapies with Cannabis thanks to multitude and variety of contents is… more


Board-certified specialist in Adult Forensic & Clinical NeuroPsychiatry

LECTURE: Cannabis-based medicine as a part of integrative treatment plan. 

Dr. Ilya Reznik is a Board-certified specialist in Adult Forensic & Clinical NeuroPsychiatry at MaReNa Diagnostic and Consulting Center, Israel. … more

Dr. Tanja Bagar

CEO and Chairman of the Expert Council ICANNA - International Institute for Cannabinol

LECTURE: Straight to the heart: understanding the role of cannabinois in the cardiovascular system

Cannabis has been used in many cultures to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system. Current research … more

Mag. Dr. Martin Feigl

Lawyer, Chairman of "Take your rights"

LECTURE: Drugs from the darknet

Information about the legal consequences of ordering illegal drugs from the darknet. … more


Writer and photographer

LECTURE: Easy organic weed. 

Cannabis grower Bill Griffin will discuss the advantages of growing cannabis organically. … more

Holger Rönitz

THC Pharm

LECTURE: Cannabis on prescription - a possible model for Austria and Europe?

Evaluation of and experience with the new law for cannabis presciption in Germany. … more


Psychiatric consultant

LECTURE: Future perspectives for the use of cannabinoids in modern cannabis therapies in Austria.

Dr. Zechner has worked as psychiatrist at the institute for drug abuse in Vienna and … more

Author, blogger and journalist

LECTURE: Hemp - 25 years after the re-discovery: what now? 

The release of the Book "The re-discovery of the crop plant hemp" by Jack Herer and Mathias Bröckers in 1993 started … more

Dr. med. univ. Kurt Blaas

Independent producer and developer of the world's first Hemp cosmetics series

LECTURE: Cannabidiol – a tricky but valuable cannabinoid.

Employing CBD in the fields of pharmaceutics and cosmetics reveals numerous difficulties … more

Dr. John Marks

Psychiatrist, founder of the Liverpool harm reduction model

LECTURE: The paradox of prohibition

Dr. John Marks has got 40 years of experience as a psychiatrist and is … more


Grower, Author

LECTURE: Artificial light for cannabis growing. 

Artificial light is essential for indoor cannabis growing. Different strains … more

CEO Hanf Farm

LECTURE: Hemp as Superfood and Medicine - The Importance of Hemp-based Food and Supplements for your health.

Cannabis sativa L. (hemp) contains large amounts of contents which are beneficial to maintaining or enhancing our health and that can heal illnesses. … more

Founder and CSO of CBDepot.eu; Hemp activist.

LECTURE: Cannabis extracts and pharma-grade cannabinoids: European legal perspectives.

Current market application of hemp extracts and cannabinoids is broadening every day. Strict differentiation … more

Ursula Mock

CEO Hanfliebe

LECTURE: The development of hemp textiles - our second skin 

Mrs Ursula Mock is the founder of the eco social label "Hanfliebe". In her lecture she will explain ... … more