Speakers 2018

Dr. Tanja Bagar

CEO and Chairman of the Expert Council ICANNA - International Institute for Cannabinol

LECTURE: Mitochondria at the central role of health versus disease - what has cannabis to do with it?

 … more

Dr. med. univ. Kurt Blaas

General Practitioner

LECTURE: Cannabinoids in the medical practice.  

Kurt Blaas is a general practitioner who runs a medical practice in Vienna focusing on therapy using cannabinoids. … more


Head of the Swiss Study Group for Cannabinoids in Medicine, SACM

LECTURE: Medical Cannabis in the conflict area of pharmacies and law

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Brenneisen is a Professor of Pharmacy and he is regarded as one of the leading international reserchers in the field of cannabis.. … more

Mag. Dr. Martin Feigl

Lawyer, Chairman of "Take your rights"

LECTURE: Drug controls in road traffic - what is permitted?

Mag. Dr. Martin Feigl is a lawyer, chairman of "Take your rights" und since 2005 legal counsel for ChEckiT!… more

Hana Gabrielová

CEO Hempoint

LECTURE: Medical cannabis in Czech republic - 5 years later  English

Hana will be talking about the situation of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic… more

Dr. T. Gafaell

General practitioner & Traditional Chinese Medicine

LECTURE: Cannabis and Traditional Chinese Medicine in private practice

Dr. Gefaell runs a practice for Traditional Chinesische Medicine and focuses for several years on CBD.… more

Franjo Grotenhermen

Practising doctor, author, cannabis-activist.

LECTURE: Cannabis as medicine - case studies

Dr. Grotenhermen is a physician with great experience with theapies using cannabis and cannabinoids … more

Dr. med. Felicita Heidler

Neurologist, Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

LECTURE: Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis - medical perspectives Deutsch

Dr. Felicita Heidler has been treating Multiple Sclerosis patients with Cannabis since 2017 at the Hainich-Klinikum ... more



Lecture:  Growing of hemp for one's personal use? – Legal regulations in Austria

Gebhard Heinzle is a lawyer based in Bregenz specialising in Cannabis law … more

Saul Kaye


LECTURE: Israel as the medical cannabis model  English

Saul will be talking about Israel as a model for Medical Cannabis around the world… more

Dr. Ulrike Marginter

Veterinarian for small animals

LECTURE: Medical uses of Cannabinoides in veterinary medicine

Dr. Ulrike Marginter will give insight to veterinary applications of cannabinoids ... more

Dr. John Marks

Psychiatrist, founder of the Liverpool harm reduction model

LECTURE: The paradox of prohibition

Dr. John Marks has got 40 years of experience as a psychiatrist and is … more

Dr. M. Pinsger

Specialist in orthopedics

LECTURE: Cannabinoids in the scope of a multimodal, interdisciplinary pain therapy

Dr. Pinsger will be talking about the usage of cannabinoids in pain therapy … more


Board-certified specialist in Adult Forensic & Clinical NeuroPsychiatry

LECTURE: Cannabis for medical purposes: should we consider well-being?

Dr. Ilya Reznik is a Board-certified specialist in Adult Forensic & Clinical NeuroPsychiatry at MaReNa Diagnostic and Consulting Center, Israel. … more

Florian Rister

Deutscher Hanfverband

LECTURE: Medical hemp & Drivers license: legal regulations and practical experiences in Germany Deutsch

Cannabis on prescription and driving ability are not only a hot topic in Germany ... more

Holger Rönitz

Strategy consultant and co-founder of THC Pharm

LECTURE: Systematic long-term analysis of the refunding situation on medical cannabis in Germany

One year after legalising medical cannabis, Holger Rönitz summarises the new law for cannabis presciption in Germany. … more

Prof. Dr. R. Schmid

Chemist and toxicologist at Medical Cannabinoid Research & Analysis

LECTURE: Cannabinoids and traffic safety

Prof. Dr. Schmid will be talking about the relevance of quality controls in cannabis production and toxicologic basics of cannabis  … more

Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah Turnsek

Director of the NIB, Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology, Slovenia

LECTURE: Cannabis as novel drug for longer survival of cancer patients English

Prof. Tamara Lah Turnšek has focused her research on brain tumours - glioma and the role of normal stem cells in tumour progression and therapy... more

Dave Ward

Film Maker, Compassionist and The R.T.F plan

LECTURE: Missunderstood medicine - a documentary  English

Dave will be accompanied by three speakers - Tom Curran, Ahab Thornhill and Thomas Neumann… more

Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli

FAAAT | For Alternative Approaches to Addiction – Think & do tank

LECTURE: Cannabis within the UN treaties: are changes finally coming? English

Kenzi will give insight into the status of Cannabis within the UN treaties and… more

Derrick Bergman

Journalist, Photographer and Activist

LECTURE: Cannabis policy in The Netherlands: has the Dutch war on weed ended? United Kingdom icon