Dave Ward

Filmemacher, Aktivist

VORTRAG: Missverstandene Medizin II - Back to Nature

M. U. M. 2 is a follow up documentary film from our first film that highlighted peoples need for cannabis based medicines and self sufficiency. Now we are recapping on the importance of organic based products and the need to go back to Nature.
Nature has always provided much needed plants, foods and medicines. With out modern paced lives we eat more and more processed foods, sugar filled drinks and much unwanted additives. If we take control of our diets and lives, we can look after our health. By looking at natural based products and medicines, hopefully many people can relearn the brilliance of nature and what it can do for us.

There are shows and conferences that highlight these points. From Spannabis to Cultiva we met and learnt so much. By sharing knowledge, ideas and business plans we aim to help benefit those who want or need it the most. Together with Nicky Halliday - Nutritionist and Natural Chef and Thomas Neumann - Ongoing medical patient, Dave will present for the first time the sequel of the documentation "Missunderstood medicine".

Missunderstood Medicine - Back to nature

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