Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli

Aktivist & Journalist

VORTRAG: Bewegung in der internationalen Cannabispolitik - UNO, WHO & INCB ändern ihren Fokus

Kenzi wird über die aktuellen Entwicklungen betreffend Cannabis innerhalb der UN Vereinbarungen und mögliche Änderungen in der - hoffentlich nahen - Zukunft berichten.

The scheduling of cannabis in the strongest possible list obliges the 183 countries that have ratified the UN drug treaties to apply the stricter control measures to cannabis, including its total prohibition. Changing the scheduling of cannabis internationally is a preliminary step for any country to have its hands untied when it comes to regulating medical or non-medical use of the plant.

Further these challenges for future positive regulations of Cannabis, the ongoing review process undertaken by WHO might affect Cannabidiol, with a possible outcome being the inclusion of the CBD molecule within the schedules of narcotics, thus putting an end to the actual market of CBD whose important growth has been witnessed during the last years.

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