Dave Ward

Filmemacher, Aktivist

VORTRAG: Missverstandene Medizin - eine Dokumentation

“If a law is unjust, a person is not only right to disobey it, they are obligated to do so”

Thomas Jefferson

Misunderstood Medicine looked into the lives of people from around the world to see the positive and negatives of medical cannabis. We looked into how laws affect these people and most importantly how we could try and provide a solution that would help everyone. Irish, Austrian, Spanish, Dutch and all who are governed by E.U or U.N laws. So many people need cannabis as a medicine yet each country has there own way to deal with it. Yet very few are fully legal. We have the solution. The R.T.F plan.

Dave wird von folgenden weiteren Vortragenden unterstützt:

  • Tom Curran - Aktivist und Cannabis Befürworter
  • Ahab Thornhil - Cannabis Club System
  • Thomas Neumann - medizin. Cannabis Patient (Deutschland)

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