Speaker Accreditation Cultiva Cannabis Congress 2019

Accreditation as Speaker

We cordially invite national and international experts, researchers and physicians to share their experiences and research results concerning the use of cannabis as alternative medicine. Our congress aims to give an overview of international cannabis research and to provide a broad spectrum of information concerning science and medical practice.

Date 2019: 11. - 13.10.2019

We are looking forward to your participation!



General Terms & Agreements

The organiser shall be granted the right to photograph and film within the congress and expo site and to use such material for his own or for general publications. In this regard, the speaker waives all rights to object arising under laws relating to the legal protection of commercial property, in particular copyright law and the right of complaint to the Office of Fair Trading (UWG).
I agree and accept, that personal information such as name, title, company, city, land as well as my picture and the title and abstract of my lecture may be published on the website and facebook page of the Cultiva Cannabis Congress.

General conditions

By submitting this application, I hereby register as a speaker at the Cultiva Cannabis Congress 2019. Conditional registrations shall be considered invalid. The contract between the organiser and the exhibitor becomes effective by email confirmation from Cultiva GmbH. The registration represents a legally binding and irr evocable statement of intent on the part of the speaker to participate. By submitting an application, the speaker acknowledges the terms and conditions of Cultiva Cannabis Congress in full.

Declaration of Consent according to the Telecommunication Laws

From this point on the speaker consents, subject to withdrawal of consent at any time, to the receipt of information via e-mail fr om Cultiva GmbH on events staged by this company. The organiser
reserves its right to cancel the alr eady arranged Congr ess at any time due to higher force or official or der for which the or ganiser cannot be held responsible.
The exhibitor must send his cancellation of participation in wr itten form to Cultiva GmbH and requires a written confirmation by Cultiva GmbH.

In case of no-show or cancellation after the 31 September 2019, Cultiva GmbH must account the booked hotel room. Travel costs will be refunded on-site at the congress & expo or transfer ed after receipt of invoice.
If a stand to sell publications is needed, please inform Cultiva GmbH until latest 15 May 2019.