Congress AGENDA

 Recht Freitag

Friday, 11. Oktober 2019 | LAW

11:00 Florian Rister: „Medical Cannabis in Germany - Import, Cultivation and Sales" Deutsch
12:00 Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli: "Momentum in international Cannabis Policy" English
13:00 Mag. Ilyana Sirakova: "Legal classification of Cannabidiol (CBD)" Deutsch
14:00 Mag. Jakob Hütthaler-Brandauer: "Cannabis and Cannabinoids in foods - legal situation in Austria" Deutsch
15:00 EXPERT-PANEL I: "Cannabis and Cannabinoids - legal Situation in Austria and EU" with Mag. Jakob Hütthaler-Brandauer, Mag. Ilyana Sirakova, Mag. Alexander Thurner, Mag. Klaus Hübner (Moderation) Deutsch
16:00 Dr. Gebhard Heinzle: "Cannabis in road traffic " Deutsch
17:00 Dr. Martin Feigl: "Cannabis-Grow & the law – What's legal / What not?" Deutsch
18:00  EXPERT-PANEL II: LAW & TRAFFIC SAFETY with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Schmid, Dr. Gebhard Heinzle, Dr. Martin Feigl, Mag. Günter Knessl, Mag. Klaus Hübner (Moderation) Deutsch

Medizin Samstag
Saturday, 12. Oktober 2019 | HEALTH

11:00 Dr. med. Martin Pinsger & patients: "Escaping the pain - how Cannabis Medicine can help you" Deutsch
12:00 Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Rainer Schmid: "THC & CBD - a constrastive pair" Deutsch
13:00 Dr. Tanja Bagar: "Autophagy - recycling at the cellular level and what cannabinoids have to do with it" English
14:00 Dr. Thomas Gefaell: "Rheumatism! Cannabis and joint disorders from the TCM view point" Deutsch
15:00 Dr. Astrid Pinsger-Plank: "The Endocannabinoid-System and it's significance in clinical routines" Deutsch
16:00 Dr. Ilya Reznik & patients: "Medicinal Cannabis - reports of special cases" English
17:00 Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah Turnšek: "Cannabis and Cancer: Science against Prejudices and Abuse" English
18:00 Prof. PhD. MD. David Neubauer: "Use of cannabinoids and medicinal cannabis in Child Neurology" English
19:00  Dr. med. univ. Kurt Blaas: "Cannabinoids in the medical practice" Deutsch

Gesundheit Sonntag

Sunday, 13. Oktober 2019 | CULTURE

11:00 Holger Rönitz: „Cannabis and Cannabinoids - in-between variety and refunding in Europr and Northamerica" Deutsch
12:00 Peter Rausch: " Caryophyllene - a perfect CBD substitute" Deutsch
13:00 Univ. Prof. Dr. Otto-Michael Lesch: " Is Cannabis a starter drug to addiction?" Deutsch
14:00 Lisette Wijnkoop: "The medicinal value of CBD and its working mechanism" English
15:00 Dr. med. vet. Ulrike Marginter: "Applications of Cannabinoides in the veterinary practice" Deutsch
16:00 Dr. med. Patrick Thurner & Mag. Alexander Thurner: "Cannabinoids in oncological corollary therapy" Deutsch
17:00 Dave Ward, Nicky Halliday & Thomas Neumann: "Missunderstood medicine II - back to nature" English



English Lecture in English | Deutsch Lecture in German  (Simultaneous Translation available)