Dr. Tanja Bagar

CEO and Chairman of the Expert Council ICANNA - International Institute for Cannabinol

LECTURE: Mitochondria at the central role of health versus disease - what has cannabis to do with it?

Dr. Tanja Bagar is a microbiologist with a PhD in Biomedicine. She has gained extensive research experience in biotechnology, molecular biology and cell signaling in laboratories in Slovenia, Germany and the UK. Her focus has mainly been on the endocannabinoid system and active substances from cannabis/hemp.

Here a short abstract of what her speech will cover:

Mitochondria are dynamic and complex cellular organelles that are involved in a wide range of cellular events and are essential for tissue adaptation, survival, death, and renewal. In addition to their important role in energy metabolism making them popularly known as the cellular powerhouse, mitochondria are malleable structures that are also intimately involved in controlling cellular redox status, cellular signaling, calcium homeostasis, and cell death and autophagy processes. Thus, mitochondria have emerged from simply being the powerhouse of the cell to being at the forefront of numerous research avenues.

In fact, mitochondrial perturbations evoked by physiological and pathological stimuli have been shown to contribute towards the pathogenesis of many diseases and mitochondrial research now constitutes a very significant and ever-expanding research area. It is now understood that mitochondria and their associated pathways may represent areas for the development of preventive and therapeutic strategies to potentially mitigate diseases/disorders such as diabetes, obesity, neurodegeneration, epilepsy, sarcopenia and many others.

Cannabis sativa L. with its myriad of bioactive molecules is showing very promising potentials to modulate the function and dysfunction of mitochondria, thereby enhancing heath and positively influencing disease progression. Understanding how omega 3 and cannabinoids alter the cellular powerhouse-mitochondria is also adding substantially to our understanding of how these molecules effect our biochemistry, with pronounced differences in acute and chronic use and emphasis on the effects of phyto- and synthetic cannabinoids.

Lecture in English 


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