Dr. med. Felicita Heidler

Neurologist, Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

LECTURE: Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis - medical perspectives

Dr. Felicita Heidler, head of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at the Hainich-Klinikum has been treating Multiple Sclerosis patients with cannabis since 2017. In her speech, she will be sharing her experiences with different medications and applications of cannabis.

Felicita Heidler will als lead a Patients Lounge (Registration & Ticket required) and talk about the indication for treating MS with cannabis and answer individual questions.

Cannabis has arrived in medicine. Since 2011 a spray medication containing cannabis is available for the treatment of spasm in MS. Since last year, we now have many other applications and indications are available.

In this lecture, I will talk about the different medication (Sativex®, Dronabinol®, Cannabis buds of 3 companies in Germany at present) and applications of cannabis (tea, drops, vaporizer for inhalation) as medicine. The therapy and visible success with Multiple Sclerosis are a particular focus as well as the difficult situation when communication with health insurance and the provisioning of pharmacies.


Lecture in German  Deutsch

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