Dr. T. Gafaell

General practitioner & Traditional Chinese Medicine

LECTURE: Cannabis and Traditional Chinese Medicine in private practices

CBD is gaining more and more importance at Dr. Gefaell’s TCM practice in Styria, Austria. Starting with the main indicators such as insomnia, pain and cancer, meaning – loosely speaking – Yin/Blood deficit, stagnation and mucous topics and as far as burn-out, this substance is finding more and more usage and gaining respect.

The Chinese Herbal Medicine works according to the following criteria:
1. Pulse diagnostic
2. Tongue diagnostic
3. Medical review

Based on the findings of these criteria the TCM doctor reaches an energetic diagnosis. This presents at the same time also the therapy principle, like for instance > “mucous/heat congests the atrioventricular canal” and hence leads to a “restive Shen in the heart”. When you translate this Chinese gibberish into a diagnosis according to conventional medicine you would get “pre-psychotic mania!”

Conventional medicine recognizes the symptom and responds with pharmacy according to the current state-of-the-art therapy.

Chinese Medicine would recommend to 1. Transform the mucous and drain the heat from the heart and 2. Calm the restive Shen in the heart. Subsequently, the herbal answer to this could be for instance: CBD Cannabis, berberis, acorus, salvia officinalis, leonurus, polygala, zea maidis and glycyrrhiza echinata.

With this formula as example, I have explained how Chinese Herbal Medicine works. How would Cannabis now be categorised according to TCM? This and more will be topic of my speech!


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