Franjo Grotenhermen

Practising doctor, author, cannabis-activist.

LECTURE: Cannabis as medicine - case studies

Dr. Grotenhermen is a physician with great experience with theapies using cannabis and cannabinoids. Grotenhermen is head of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin e.V. (ACM)", General Manager of the "Internationalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Cannabinoidmedikamente (IACM)" and author of the IACM-Information, which are publicised every two weeks in various languages on the website of the IACM.  Grotenhermen also works at the nova-Institute in Cologne, in the department for renewable ressources and author of a variety of articles and books all around the therapeutic potential of the hemp plant and of cannabinoids, their pharmacology and toxicology. In his speech he will be giving some insight in his daily work at his practice.

Dr. Grotenhermen will hold his lecture live via skype.

Lecture in German 

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