Welcome to the 12. Cultiva Cannabis Congress!

THE hotspot concerning medicine, law, politics and culture. International experts will talk about current developments, researches, changes and trends.

International high-profile speakers from the fields of science, research, medicine and politics will be speaking on a wide range of topics such as cannabis in medicine, as raw material, legal issues, as well as health and cultural aspects. Once again, the Congress will focus on the wide and evolving area of cannabis in medicine as this topic gains more and more interest well as the legal regulations, which have changed in many countries in the past months.

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Law & traffic safety

Medical Cannabis

Health & cultural aspects


Simultanuebersetzung Simultaneous Translation is once again available in German or English.

the headphones can also be used for better understanding of lectures (in original language)!

The unique Cultiva Patients Lounge offers an exclusive platform for personal discussions in small groups with the experts of the cannabis congress, for those who are affected. We are very happy to have enlarged our range and can offer even more topics in this year - get your tickets! This unique offer once again was an highlight, as were else would they have the opportunity to meet up and talk with leading experts in a casual way.

Patienten Lounge

>> This year, we will offer once again two Expert-Panels

  • CBD & Regulations, 11.10.2019 at 3 pm
  • Traffic law & Safety, 11.10.2019 at 6 pm

Here a clip from last years Cultiva Hempexpo & Congress to give you an impression what you can expect!


Interviews with our speakers from the 11. Cultiva Cannabis Congress 2018 (in German language)















Lookig forward to seeing you!
Your Cultiva Cannabis Congress-Team


Dr. T. Gafaell

General practitioner & Traditional Chinese Medicine

LECTURE: Rheumatism! Cannabis and joint disorders from the TCM view point 

Dr. Gefaell runs a practice for TCM and focuses for several years on CBD.… more

Dr. M. Pinsger

Specialist in orthopedics

LECTURE: Escaping the pain

Dr. Pinsger will be talking about the usage of cannabinoids in pain therapy … more

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schmid

Chemist and toxicologist at Medical Cannabinoid Research & Analysis

LECTURE: THC & CBD - a constrastive pair

Prof. Dr. Schmid will be talking about the relevance of quality controls in cannabis production and toxicologic basics of cannabis  … more

Dr. med. Prof. Dr. David Neubauer

Paediatrician &  Child Neurologist

LECTURE: Use of cannabinoids and medicinal cannabis in Child Neurology

David Neubauer is employed in the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana in the Clinical department for developmental, child and adolescent neurology, … more

Univ. Prof. Dr. Otto-Michael Lesch

Specialis for Psychiatry &Neurology, President of the Austrian Society For Addiction Medicine

LECTURE: Is Cannabis a starter drug to addiction? 

Prof. Lesch is a psychiatrist and has specialised on the medical and sociological aspects of use, misuse and addiction - especially of alcohol and tobacco. … more

Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli

Head of the ‘Drug Policies & Human Rights’ Program at Knowmad Institut

LECTURE: Momentum in international Cannabis Policy  English

Kenzi will give insight into the status of Cannabis within the UN treaties and… more

Dave Ward

Film Maker, Compassionist and The R.T.F plan

LECTURE: Missunderstood medicine 2 - back to nature  English


Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah Turnsek

Director of the NIB, Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology, Slovenia

LECTURE: Cannabis and Cancer: Science against Prejudices and Abuse English

Prof. Lah Turnšek has focused her research on cancer, especially brain tumours - glioma and the role of normal stem cells in tumour progression and therapy... more

Dr. Ulrike Marginter


LECTURE: Applications of Cannabinoides in veterinary medicine

Dr. Ulrike Marginter will give insight to veterinary applications of cannabinoids ... more

Florian Rister

Deutscher Hanfverband

LECTURE: Medical Cannabis in Germany - Import, Cultivation and Sales Deutsch

Cannabis on prescription and driving ability are not only a hot topic in Germany ... more

Dr. Tanja Bagar

CEO & Chairman of the Expert Council ICANNA

LECTURE: Autophagy - recycling at the cellular level and what cannabinoids have to do with it

Many studies reported that cannabinoids induce autophagy in healthy and tumor cells… more

Holger Rönitz

Strategy consultant and co-founder of THC Pharm

LECTURE: Cannabis and Cannabinoids - in-between variety and refunding in Europr and Northamerica

 … more


Board-certified specialist in Adult Forensic & Clinical NeuroPsychiatry

LECTURE: Medicinal Cannabis - patients case studies

Dr. Ilya Reznik is a Board-certified specialist in Adult Forensic & Clinical NeuroPsychiatry at MaReNa Diagnostic and Consulting Center, Israel. … more



Lecture:  Cannabis in road traffic

Gebhard Heinzle is a lawyer based in Bregenz specialising in Cannabis law … more

Mag. Dr. Martin Feigl


LECTURE: Cannabis and driving license – what are the risks 

Mag. Dr. Martin Feigl is a lawyer and since 2005 legal counsel for ChEckiT!… more

Mag. Michaela Pohl

Asscociate at Schönherr Rechtsanwälte

LECTURE: Legal classification of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Mila Pohl is Asscociate at Schönherr Rechtsanwälte and wrote the article "Austria: Decree forbids sale of CBD products", which was published in January in the newspaper Presse... more

Mag. Jakob Hütthaler-Brandauer


LECTURE: Cannabis and Cannabinoids in foods - legal situation in Austria 

Mag. Hütthaler-Brandauer is working for the law office Hütthaler-Brandauer since 2010. Among others, Life Sciences is one of the key topics of the law office... more

Peter Rausch


LECTURE: Cariophyllene - an insteresting cannabinoid scent

Cariophyllene is an aromatic substance with manifold medical effects which unfold at the cannabinoid receptors as well as in other areas of our body. … more

Dr. med. univ. Kurt Blaas

General Practitioner, Founder of ARGE CAM

LECTURE: Cannabinoids in the medical practice.  

Kurt Blaas is a general practitioner who runs a medical practice in Vienna focusing on therapy using cannabinoids. … more

Lisette Wijnkoop

Medical Cannabis Educator

LECTURE: The medicinal value of CBD and its working mechanism 

Lisette is educated as a regular pharmacist, but was always more interested in natural and alternative medicine. She works professionally in the field of medicinal cannabis … more

Dr. med. Astrid Pinsger-Plank

FA für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie (i.A.), Präsidentin des Schmerzverbandes

LECTURE: The Endocannabinoid-System and it's significance in clinical routines

Dr. Astrid Pinsger-Plank eine retrospektiven #Studie mit Daten von etwa 700 Patienten aus dem Zeitraum 2001 bis 2016 aus dem niedergelassenen Bereich unternommen ... more

Dr. med. Patrick Thurner

 General practitioner & agriculturist

LECTURE: Cannabinoids in oncological corollary therapy 

Dr. med. Patrick Thurner, general practitioner and agriculturist in Hartberg (Styria), makes use of holistic natural medicine alongside of traditional medicine in his practice. ... more