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We cordially invite national and international experts, researchers and physicians to share their experiences and research results concerning the use of cannabis as alternative medicine. Our congress aims to give an overview of international cannabis research and to provide a broad spectrum of information concerning science and medical practice.

Date: 16. - 18.10.2020

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Since the first Cultiva hemp fair in 2008, it is the aim is to provide a platform for the hemp plant and its use, the industry and its development, as well as the many related socio-political issues.

With the increase in consumers and patients, cannabis has also become an issue in road traffic. In 2018, a panel of experts and lawyers was set up at the Cultiva Cannabis Congress, resulting in a jointly signed traffic resolution. This year, a panel of experts met again and together with a traffic psychologist, the demand for an objective assessment of the fitness to drive again became clear.

While experts met at the hemp congress and fair visitors enjoyed the event, a real hunt for participants who came by car raged ahead of the fair. After there are no limits for an objective assessment of driving ability, arbitrariness is open to the public. Anyone who has ever used cannabis in the past few days, is positive in the drug test, although there is no present impairment. The many reports of those affected are shocking. Exhibitors, visitors and employees had to give urine in the parking lot in front of passers-by - even women had to publicly expose themselves. A pain patient with recent intervertebral disc surgery had to undergo tests that were not feasible for him, e.g. standing on one leg, doing. He was held for hours despite evidence of hypoglycaemia due to diabetes. The list of such offical acts could be continued for a long time.

In addition to the political failure to reach a clear settlement, it should not go unmentioned that the official acts were characterized by incredible disrespect. The reports of derogatory statements and insults by the executive show how young officials not only complied with the call for "hunting the poisoners," but also lived them out with enthusiasm. This "diligence" and the "perseverance" of the officials are praised in the press (NÖN 42/2019). The over-motivated obedience was clearly felt by respectable people. It was reminiscent of times that are apparently still present in Austria.

According to Statistics Austria, excessive speed and lack of attention at the wheel are among the main causes of traffic accidents. The large number of provisional driver's license revocations due to the increased density of controls and does not allow any conclusions about increased consumption in the population.

The Cultiva has all the more the goal of advocating for an objective regulation in the road traffic and for dealing objectively with cannabis. The event became a target and many visitors were victims of arbitrariness, but the Cultiva hemp fair and congress can also point to a problem and contribute to a dialogue. It is an act against the values of democracy and against humanity for consumers and patients not to make traffic policy arrangements and to have the police staged a hunt.

Harald Schubert, Managing Director of Cultiva GmbH, concludes, "We will continue to push ahead with public transport by 2020 and work with the relevant interest groups for objective evaluation criteria to determine the suitability for driving."

Thank you for visiting the 12. Cultiva Cannabis Congress!

THE hotspot concerning medicine, law, politics and culture. International experts will talk about current developments, researches, changes and trends.

International high-profile speakers from the fields of science, research, medicine and politics spoke on a wide range of topics such as cannabis in medicine, as raw material, legal issues, as well as health and cultural aspects. Once again, the Congress focussed on the wide and evolving area of cannabis in medicine as this topic gains more and more interest well as the legal regulations, which have changed in many countries in the past months.

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The unique Cultiva Patients Lounge offers an exclusive platform for personal discussions in small groups with the experts of the cannabis congress, for those who are affected. We are very happy to have enlarged our range and could offer even more topics in this year! This unique offer once again was an highlight, as were else would they have the opportunity to meet up and talk with leading experts in a casual way.

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Interviews with our speakers from the 11. Cultiva Cannabis Congress 2018 (in German language)















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Congress AGENDA

Recht Freitag

Friday, 12 October 2018 | Law & traffic safety

11:00 Florian Rister: „Medical hemp & Drivers license: legal regulations and practical experiences in Germany" Deutsch
12:00 Saul Kaye: "Israel as the medical cannabis model" English
13:00 Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli: "Cannabis within the UN treaties: are changes finally coming?"English
14:00 Holger Rönitz: "Systematic long-term analysis of the refunding situation on medical cannabis in Germany" Deutsch
15:00 Dr. Gebhard Heinzle: "Growing of hemp for one's personal use? Legal regulations in Austria" Deutsch
16:00 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Schmid: "Cannabinoids and traffic safety" Deutsch
17:00 Mag. Dr. Martin Feigl: "Drug controls in road traffic - what is permitted?" Deutsch
18:00  PANEL TRAFFIC SAFETY & LEGAL SITUATION with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Schmid, Mag. Martin Hoffer, Dr. Gebhard Heinzle, Mag. Dr. Martin Feigl, Mag. Klaus Hübner (moderation) Deutsch



 Medizin Samstag

Saturday, 13 October 2018 | Medical Cannabis

11:00 Dr. Ilya Reznik M.D.: "Cannabis for medical purposes: should we consider well-being?"  English 
12:00 Dr. Tanja Bagar: Mitochondria at the central role of health versus disease - what has cannabis to do with it? English
13:00 Dr. Felicita Heidler: "Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis - medical perspectives" Deutsch
14:00 Prof. Dr. pharm. Rudolf Brenneisen: "Medical cannabis in the conflict area of pharmacies and law" Deutsch
15:00 Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah Turnšek: "Cannabis as novel drug for longer survival of cancer patients" English
16:00 Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen: "Cannabis as medicine - case studies" Deutsch
17:00 Dr. Martin Pinsger: "Cannabinoids in the scope of a multimodal, interdisciplinary pain therapy" Deutsch
18:00 Dr. med. univ. Kurt Blaas: "Cannabinoids in the medical practice" Deutsch
19:00  PANEL MEDICAL CANNABIS - TRENDS & PERSPECTIVES with Dr. med. univ. Kurt Blaas, Dr. med. univ. Dagmar Zidek, Prof. Dr. pharm. Rudolf Brenneisen, Dr. Martin Pinsger,
Mag. Klaus Hübner (moderation) Deutsch



 Gesundheit Sonntag

Sunday, 14 October 2018 | Health & cultural aspects

11:00 Derrick Bergman: „Cannabis policy in The Netherlands: has the Dutch war on weed ended?" English
12:00 Dave Ward, Tom Curran, Ahab Thornhill and Thomas Neumann: "Misunderstood medizin - a documentary" English
13:00 Dr. Thomas Gefaell: "Cannabis and Traditional Chinese Medicine in private practice" Deutsch
14:00 Dr. John Angus Marks: "The Paradox of Prohibition" English
15:00 Dr. med. vet. Ulrike Marginter: "Medical uses of Cannabinoides in veterinary medicine" Deutsch
16:00 Hana Gabrielová: "Medical cannabis in Czech republic - 5 years later" English




English Lecture in English |  Deutsch Lecture in German  (Simultaneous translation available)

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